Monday, January 17, 2011

Cafenatics, Melbourne, 500 Bourke St, Lt Bourke St Courtyard

Monday lunch was venturing to the newest in the chain of cafes called Cafenatics. On first approach the place looks a little sterile, but once inside the woods floors and tables warm things up a little.

Food mainly consists of pre made panini, flat breads and a few cooked to order hot specials ($8 - $15 mark). Coffee, cake etc is also on offer, haven't tried the muffins yet but they look plump and tasty. I had a sundried tomato and chicken baguette, husband had a roast lamb, spinach and pumpkin baguette. Both were excellent, but the clear winner was the roast lamb, with delicious falling apart lamb mixed with just the right amount of mayonnaise and pumpkin. The bread was delightful - crispy and firm - but not too hard to pull apart with your teeth. Coffee is also good here (you would hope with what name suggests), creamy and sits will in the temperature scale (not lukewarm but not scalding hot).

So ultimately the place fits the brief well - quick, tasty and not too expensive, with plenty of seating for a city worker crowd to spend a quick lunch in. It isn't fancy, nor does it pretend to be. On the down side, there is a confusing order at the counter most of the time, but order at the table some of the time thing going on. When I was there some people were lining up to order at the counter (the queue moving very slowly), but some people who walked in were approached and served immediately by floor staff (before they'd even sat down!). Either make people line up to order or do table service. Otherwise it is confusing and unfair.

But still not a bad lunch option - you could do a lot worse around this part of the city.


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